Win Big Prizes With TV Competitions And Online Competitions

Do you ever sit and watch TV and see the huge prizes with exotic holidays and massive cash prizes on offer? They sound great but always seem to come with a premium rate phone call as an entry fee. Did you know you can enter to win these huge prizes for free?

For example, while the big number splashes across the screen for your premium rate entry for the day’s Good Morning Britain competition, there’s almost always a chance to enter the competition online on the web. The same goes for the viewer’s This Morning competition – find out more about how to enter for free.

UPDATE: The TV shows on ITV are now trying to force you to pay for your entry by only offering instant entries by premium phone call or text, the free entry route is by post which is a lot harder than it used to be. What’s more, it’s not really free like the online entries used to be, as you need to pay for postage.

Gadget Filled Lounge

Some ‘professional compers’ kit out their homes with their prizes!

It does tend to be daytime TV shows that offer the biggest prizes, so if you want a rundown on the current prize draws running, check out the TV network websites.

There’s also a number of big sites that are run by companies that only do free competitions like Get Me A Ticket or Myoffers. You can often win prizes that are just as big as the TV shows offer, but where the real chance lie are in the smaller competitions like the daily prizes which attract less entries, meaning your chance of winning is greater!

While the holiday competitions and big cash prizes attract tens or even hundreds of thousands of entries, some of the smaller ones like kitchen gadgets only attract a few hundred entries. By all means enter the big ones, as someone has to win, but take the time to enter a wide range of prize draws, after all, every additional contest you enter means your odds of winning something get better! Some even give you the chance to reduce the cost of daily life, like supermarket competitions to contribute towards the cost of your grocery shopping.

The one thing to remember, though, is that there are thousands of free draws out there waiting for you, so you never need dial a premium rate number again!


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