Night Vision Is A Reality If You Win A Baby Monitor!

Last time, we talked about how you can win a video baby monitor to keep an eye on your baby while they sleep.  One of the questions we’ve had in asks about how much use one of these clever gadgets really is, given that you’re most likely to want to use it at night when it’s dark. That’s a great question, and there’s a very simple answer. It’s only dark if you’re in the room – if you’re watching on the monitor screen, it doesn’t seem dark at all!

Popular modern video baby monitors like the MBP26 from Motorola, or Samsung’s SEW3036 feature night vision, which is achieved using infra red. That’s the same type of light that your TV remote uses to communicate with the television. You don’t question that there’s a light beam when you change the channel, so why do parents struggle so much with this concept? Infra red LEDs are used to invisibly light your child’s room so they’re unaware that anything is happening. The camera collects the images as normal, and the screen adjusts the image so that you can see that infra red imagery on your device.

It sounds very clever, but it’s actually technology that’s been around for many years, similar to that used by the military so be able to see during after dark night missions. For you though, it nicely solves the problem of being able to see in your child’s darkened room without needing to leave a light on!

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