Grab A Haul With A Euroace Metal Detector!

On the site, we tend to place a heavier focus on winning competitions than we do on getting free stuff, probably because the prizes tend to be hugely valuable, whereas companies can’t afford to give thousands of pounds worth of goodies to everyone. Today, we’re going to take a slightly different tack, and look at a way to get some free stuff that you might not have considered before. We’re not talking free samples here, we’re talking about reusing old stuff. In a sense, it’s a version of recycling that’s been around much longer than the current trend.

We’re talking about metal detecting – getting out in the fields or onto the beaches and hunting. It’s gaining popularity in recent years too – possibly due to the TV series, or maybe while people were tightening their belts with the financial crisis initially, and now it’s becoming a bit of a hobby, or even an obsession! Take our word for it – one reasonably valuable find, and you’ll be hooked.

Some people spend a fortune on detecting equipment, but if you know where to look, you can get really high quality kit fairly cheaply, like the subject of this Garrett Euroace review. It might cost a couple of hundred pounds or so, but if you’re willing to put the time in, it’s not exactly usual to be able to sell your finds at auction for three or even four figures. In extreme cases it can be millions too, as you can see here, but be careful where you’re hunting, as it’s not always as simple as ‘finders keepers’!

Of course, it’s not all about the money (honest!), as becoming a detectorist is actually really good fun. Some people describe it in a very similar way to finding out you’ve won on the lottery – you know when you’ve won something, but waiting for the last few balls tells you just how big it’s going to be. In the same way – digging up your treasure trove won’t instantly give you much more than a gut reaction – it’s taking it for valuation that’s where the real guide to value will emerge. Even then, it’s just like anything else, something is only worth what someone else will pay for it – and sometimes that’s a huge premium on top of the valuation!